Email our elected representatives

Right now is a crucial moment in time. We need to build the social climate that will allow for effective action on climate change to be taken - our elected representatives will only act if they know the public has a hunger for it. Global warming is contributing to catastrophic bushfires and drought - our MPs need to know we are serious about having a strong plan for the future.

Compose your email

Email Tips +

  1. Change the subject line - write your own (essential!)

  2. Add a personal first sentence: (EG: I am a school teacher and parent of three, and I am extremely concerned about the condition of our beautiful country that we are leaving to the generations of Australians to come.)

  3. Then tweak/add/delete as much of the rest as you want to. Control-click here for tips of what to say

  4. When writing to a Minister or Shadow Minister, start by saying that you’re writing to them in their role as Minister for xxxx, otherwise they will probably just forward your email to your local MP. (EG: I am a voter in Higgins, Victoria, but writing to you in your role as Minister for Energy and Emissions reduction.) 

  5. Send to your Federal MP - then to Liberal MPs (especially these ones), Coalition Ministers and Labor Shadow Ministers - put the MP’s electorate postcode into the search box, then change your suburb address at the end of the email.

General tips for emails to MPs:

  1. Keep it short - one issue per letter is good

  2. Include an “ask” - a request of what you want the MP to do. (EG: to ask a question to the PM in parliament; to speak about the issue in parliament)

  3. Don’t agonise over the wording - just do it! The more correspondence they get on climate issues, the more seriously they will take them